Sebastian Davento Veanata -Dead-

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Sebastian Davento Veanata -Dead-

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-Basic Information-

Full Name :
Sebastian Davento Veanata

Meaning of Name:
He Doesn't Know.

Sab, Sebby, Bassie

Date of Birth:
September 17th, ______.
Twenty-five in looks, but is really about three hundred, give or take a decade.

Place of Birth:
Moscow, Russia.

Krusnik Vampire
Krusnik's are vampires who feed on the blood of other vampires. They possess immense power and destructive potential and are nearly invincible. They are easily able to overwhelm even the most powerful of creatures. Their lifespan is longer than that of normal vampires. Because of this, they have gained enough experience and ability to retain a high position of power, and many mythicals fear them.

Slight Russian.

-Physical Appearance-

Height & Body Type:
He's very slim but is still muscular, standing at 6' 2”.

Eye Color:
Sebastian's eyes are a stunning shade of silver, the color of a freshly-shined bullet. His iris carries a green tint to it, this coming from his vampyric traits.

Hair Color & Style:
While Sebastian's hair usually appears white, it is actually a very light shade of platinum blonde and when wet it appears even darker. It is cut just past his ear and he will either wear it slicked back of straight down.

Skin Tone:
Very pale, very smooth.

A few here and there. All hidden by his clothing.

Type of Dresser:
It varies. Can be formal, can be just lounge around in the city/village. It just depends on the weather and the mood that Sebastian is in that day.

Tattoos & Piercings:
A tattoo on his back marking him as a Krusnik.

Physical Disabilities:



Mental State:
Mainly sain. However he'll talk to himself sometimes.

Mental Disabilities:

Self Image:
Confident, but self kept for the most parts.

Over-All Personality:
Sebastian isnt a generally a pretty stoic person and angry person, but instead has "good"
days where he actually feels alive and doesn't have to rely on his beating heart
for proof. He's generally nice to people, but since he's been locked away in solitary
confinement with people gawking at him he appreciates what socialization he does get.
He does have kind heart (generally, he has his moments), and usually only does things to
makes enemies if he thinks he's going to get some kind of personal gain from it. He
doesn't often give out love, though when he does it's a selfish kind of love (though of
course the type love he's gives and receives depends on the person, as with all).

Defining Trait:
His hair.

Fears & Weaknesses:
Fears: Not being able to control his hunger, whether it be around the people he likes or the people he hates. He also fears that the earth will die. When the earth dies, he dies, you see.

Weaknesses: His weaknesses are children, though if he were starving he'd eat one anyhow. He also
probably cares a bit too much about mother nature and the land we all live on, but he is
by no means a hippie.


Thoughts on Relationships:
"Love is the biggest truth but the biggest lie."

-Self Interests & The What Not-

None for now.

Past Occupations:
Scroll/Book Keeper for his family archives.

Piano / Painting.

Eating, eating, oh and did I forget eating? He likes to occasionally draw with some
charcoal, graphite, or on occasion paint with some natural paints. He's also a reader and
enjoys lounging in his unit with a book and a comfy feather pillow. He also enjoys playing
the piano.

General Likes:
Sebastian has been known to take a liking to the fire water of old, and he prefers fresh
vegetables like those he found in the tribe lands over these microwave packages. He likes
swimming, and he's nocturnal, meaning he'll mostly be sleeping during the days in his cage
(this is also why he's pale when he should be a brownish/copper color). He's an "cannibal"
of sorts, though cannibal describes 'an animal that feeds on others of its own kind' and
Sebastian isn't technically human therefor he doesn't eat his own kind. He eat's humans, and
he likes it.
He also prefer's living in the tree's to all the human homes he's seen, and he was living
in his home-made tree house when they took him.
To put it shortly, he doesn't have a list of things he likes. He does however like natural
things, and yes leather falls under that category for him, and he has no issue killing and
eating vampires.
Sebastian also really loves sculpture (especially greek sculptures), and wishes he were better
at sculpting.
He absolutely loves classical music and compositions, and his favorite (at the moment)
would have to be the Sleeping Beauty waltz by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

General Dislikes:
He absolutely hates the zoo. He can't stand vehicles or technology, though he
doesn't mind the radio and he actually like movies (but he'd prefer books with the plots
of the movies he likes). He really doesn't like humans or vampires, save for the rare few.


Rebbecca Veanata

Ajaxial Veanata

Relationship with Parents:
His parents were loveing and provided the most they could for him.

None. - Only child.

Ethnic Heritage:


Languages Spoken:

Religious Beliefs:


Sebastian's history is a very bleak and boring one when you take out all the slaughter,
hunting, and trapping of his own kind.

He came from the forest near a large Cherokee village. He later (after they captured him)
learned that the village was in South Carolina.
His mother was the forest, and when he was young she'd help him live, but not that
forest's gone and there's apartments on those grounds, which he raged about for months and
He used to play with the native children as a child, and when he got older he fell for an
Indian girl, and thought to take her for his bride before the entire village found out
that he was a Krusnik, a vampire eater. Of course, the village tossed him out and
forbade him to come back.
He lived in the forest after that, and during a deep depression went to sleep for hundreds
of years as part of his mother forest. When he awoke he was in his new enclosure and had
to wait until nightfall before anyone would answer his questions. Of course, he wasn't
quite by any means during the day. He lashed out against the walls and the window and the
locked door until his fingers and knuckles were bloody and his voice was weak.

[ Current events can be found in Sebastian's notebook. ]

~ Special Thanks to Mallory/WonderlandJunkie for making the layout and doing my bio for me since Im too lazy to do it myself! ~

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