Krusniks/Crusniks [Capped]

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Krusniks/Crusniks [Capped]

Post  RiteOfSpring on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:20 pm

(Either Spelling Is Acceptable)
The cannibalistic Vampires

What They Are:
A special species of vampiric that is known for having to feed on other members of the vampiric races (both sanguines and psionics).

Krusniks are still considered to be a relatively new species, only having been in existence since approximately 1500 BC. They were created during a demon's experiment with the vampiric virus, which resulted in a being that looked physically demonic, but required the blood of another vampire in order to survive. For a long while, they were not considered a vampiric species but were instead classified as demonic. With modern science, however, Krusniks were finally awarded the title of being an independent species in the earlier part of the 1800s.

Physical Appearances
Krusniks are winged beings -- they are bat-like in appearance and typically black or dark gray in coloring. They are almost always a little bigger than regularly proportioned to the krusnik's body and are able to be concealed by slipping into a special pocket between the skin and muscle. Some are also said to have bird-like talons in the place of fingernails, however, these can be trimmed depending on the krusnik's preference.

The Krusniks is ONLY able to feed from the blood of another vampiric being -- either psionic, sanguine, or any of the sanguine hybrids. However, one feed is enough to last them nearly a year, as their digestive systems have slowed to allow nutrients to be stored and used more efficiently.

Powers & Abilities
Most krusnik posses telepathic abilities, but are also able to harness at least one other elemental ability -- typically that of fire. They are rarely hydrokinetic, and are NEVER able to manipulate their biological structures or the energy found in the soul.


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