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Post  Jarret on Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:09 pm

We are The Horde. We are justice. Our fuel is Vengeance. No remorse. Ooh-Rah.


A well-known, hostile guerilla force in North America. They seek justice, "For the encamped, enslaved, eviscerated" mythological creatures of the United States. The group is known primarily for their propaganda posters placed in urban cities and their infamous 'H' encircled spray tag left on buildings and structures in the vicinity of their attacks. Little is known about how many members are apart of The Horde seeing as the group's infrastructure is loosely coupled. It's explained, by a former member of the Horde, that the leaders, "Entice the members into feeling like a family, like a 'pack' of some sorts. It's extremely brutish and crude, but effective."

The American government has been having a hard time keeping a track on the leader of the organization because the group is so unorganized. "There's a sense of chaos in the group, but somehow the leader has learned to tame it and use it for his needs. But when we try and find the source, whoever is in control cuts the strings and it becomes an all-out riot. It's perfect... Militaristic" says the Head of the Department of Mythological Containment.


- As captured from a rally for 'myth' rights - Pioneer Square; Seattle, Washington-
"[distorted feed]... WE are the TRUE children of god! WE cannot be PUT DOWN by those lesser than us! WE were given a gift, a gift to FIGHT for the RIGHTS of all myths! WE ARE THE HORDE! OOH-RAAH!!! [garbled cheers, leading to screams of terror, gunshots, and the sounds of teargas canisters erupting]


Leader : Unknown (Rumors claim that his presence is in one of two places ; the Compound, or somewhere in Alaska)
Executive Officer[XO]: Karl Vjolnir
Petty Officer:


More to come as the story unfolds...


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