Angels [Special Req. Species]

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Angels [Special Req. Species]

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Due to the nature of this species and their backgrounds, you must obtain permission to roleplay as an angel from Twist-Of-Fate or RiteOfSpring. This is to ensure there is no OP roleplaying going on. Once obtaining permission to be an angel, you must create a detailed biography before your character will be considered valid. Both owners will approve this bio
and let you know if there are any changes that are needed to be made.

What They are:
Bi-pedal human like creatures. They have no will other than Gods will and are set to do his work. They have very bright pure auras.
They very rarely come down to earth, usually only to punish fallen or destroy Nephilm, but those that do visit the "middle ground' between heaven and hell seldom ever come without a mission from their creator.

Typical Appearances:
They have white feathered wings and are usually very pure in complexion.
Typically tall with "extreme" features, angels are noticable even when their wings are concealed in glamours. While they have a variety of facial features and have complexions of all kinds, angels typically have very distinctive bonestructures.

Before humans were created, there were several highly ranked angels that had the most control over heaven. Amongst these was Lucifer, who was considered to be the favourite angel in the group. He was very powerful, though he was corrupt within.
This corruption was shown briefly after the creation of humanity, when something within him changed. It is not known for sure what gave him a hatred to humans-- jealousy, perhaps, is the most common theory-- but he did hate them from the moment they were made.
A persuasive angel, he was able to turn many other angels to his thinking, which lead to the downfall of humanity (the tempting of Eve by the serpent in Eden), as well as the downfall of many other angels.
Upon losing the war, Lucifer was cast down from heaven and thrown into Hell.
Those he worked closest with and those who were as corrupt as he was, were also cast down into Hell.
Their wings were stripped and they were given new qualities, leading to the creation of demons and Hell itself. However, there were some that were fortunate to be cast down to Earth and banished therefore the rest of their lives. There were known as the fallen angels. Their genetics did not change, but some were stripped of their wings depending on how bad of an offence they made.

All angels are broken up into one of seven categories based on the arch they are created to serve under. These organizations have meaning, as they typically denote the angel's purpose for existence and attributes (colors the "Choir" typically uses to represent itself) this angel has. The seven archs, their purposes, and any specific attributes are as follows;

Under reign of Gabriel - Typically given the duty of messangers; delivering symbolic news to earth. Those under Gabriel's choir are typically those who are sent to earth most often. Colors associated with; light blue and gray/silver.

Manipulation and summoning of Heavenly fire (stronger and more powerful than regular fire), being able to speak all languages (including the language of Enochian, the angelic language), telepathy with other angels.

Angels can only live on earth for a certain amount of time. They can never enter hell.
They do not need to eat nor sleep as they gain all of their ‘life’ from God.
They also have no sexual urges.

Angels are created as adult creature, neither do they die or age.
Angels never come down to earth in groups, though whilst in heaven or if they happen to meet on Earth/Azura they form what are known as Choirs.
In heaven these choirs are formed for different purposes:
protection, destruction of Nephilim or the punishment of fallen angels.

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