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~The Crown Jewel & Gem of the Forest: ~
Alabaster, England

'Hidden among the dense oak forests of England, lays the old village of lore: Alabaster.
Founded as a place of refuge by Lord Laurence Black in the 1300's, Alabaster has since continued to blossom as the Mecca of the Mythical World.

The residence of this mysterious village are proud to call Alabaster their home and have named it as a Village which can transform from a Sleepy Woodland Hamlet to a Zone of Chaos in a matter of moments.
It is true to say that their is and never has been a 'dull moment in Alabaster'.

Though one would be mistaken to imagine that Alabaster has not had its political up's and downs, as the founding family - The Blacks - whom had upheld their reign as keepers of the village until the last century, came onto many hardships during their reign, due to the ways in which the Chairman of the Alabaster council (Lord Abel Laurence Black, Second son of Lord Laurence Black, himself) chose to run the village and also for more personal reasons which in turn lead to the demise of the family's reign in the late 1900's.

The Village as ever is in constant conflict with the Mortal world outside and though the their borders have remained shrouded for many centuries this is only thanks to the Fae and Elven glamours which disguise the tree line as a never ending hoard of trees - rather than the vibrant and wholesome village that lays surrounded by Raven-wood, named after the River Raven that meanders through the Alabastian region.
Alabaster is home to many noble families and their grande residencies from Manors to Cottages, as well as all the expected Village facilities.
~ The Church, Library, Town Hall, Doctors Surgery, Bistro & Tavern and infamous Hot springs & Spa

Alabaster's landscape leaves nothing to be desired and attracts Mythicals from all walks of life. It is truly no wonder that is is the proud Capitol of the Mythical World, and though is it small it proves that size isn't everything.

*'Alabaster may not be technologically advanced but it is a place rich in history and a place where many seek to discover their roots, their species origins, or simply venture to escape the rest of the world...'

Once a small village of mortal farmers and ironmongers, Alabaster was first founded as a place of mythical haven in the 1300's. When Lord Laurence Black, a sanguine vampire, set a siege upon the village. The battle was bloody and many lives were lost, mainly mortals.

* This epic feud even made its way into Mortal tales of Lore and is still in tales that are told today all over the world.

The Vamperic Forces of Lord Blacks Legion where written to have ' Burst like wild fire into every house hold in the village; condemning every delicate human soul to death'
Few escaped the wrath of Lord Blacks Legion that night and only his force and their children live to tell the tale.

Alabaster, from that night forth came to be the home and territory of the Black family and for many centuries afterwards it became the home of Lord Blacks three children. Whom in their turn came to take their own reign over the Village as chairman of the village council.

* The day of the siege if carved in Alabastian history and is still celebrated by the residence with an Annual Bonfire in the centre of the village each September. The upper-class are also a custom to having a ball on the night of the siege, where ceremonial blood is spilt as a commemoration of the victory.'

Since the downfall of the Black Family, Abel's Wife's Family - The Rossetta's of Venice, Italy, have kept watch over the village for the last century. Though it fell into ruin it became a cause of concern and was refurbished so as the heir of the Rossetta & Black Coven - Ariane Elizabeth Rossetta-Black, could rediscover her childhood home.


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