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Doctor Viseryn Sage

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Credit to Jess for helping me write the personality part of this.


-Basic Information-

Full Name: Doctor Viseryn Reed Sage

Meaning of Name:
Elven name. There is no direct English translation for his first name, but its supposedly some sort of mythological tree related to the aspen. Its leaves are rumored to have healing properties when ground up. His middle and last name are obviously nature related to, as is Elven tradition.

Vis, the shorter version of his full name.

Doc/Doctor - Formal title because of his occupation, but some of his closer friends also call him Doc out of knowing how much he's known to bring up his profession in every-day conversations.

Reed - When he's among more non-elven species than usual, he'll sometimes tell people to call him Reed for the sake of ease. It's his middle name and much easier to spell than his first name, which most non-elven species have difficulty writing down or even pronouncing sometimes.

Date of Birth:
March 9, 1730

Place of Birth:
A small, remote village somewhere in Germany. Not on the map. Dominantly Elven populated with some humans also dwelling there.


None, unless he's been speaking his first language a lot.

-Physical Appearance-

General Appearance:
Very traditionally Elven, but more on the masculine end of the spectrum. He has very fair features, apart from his eyes, which are darker than most Elves'. He's said to have a narrow, oval shaped face with a rather sharp chin. His eyes are narrowed in their corners, which can make him look very calculating and critical when he's wearing a more serious expression. His cheekbones are quite low for an elves, which is why he doesn't look as feminine as many other males of his species -- he's never been mistaken for a girl like many of his friends. His jaw is also on the stronger side and his nose seems to match the rest of him. He isn't a bad looking guy, all in all, but his species is pretty evident even when looking at him from afar.

Height & Body Type:
6'' 5''. Typical elven build - Tall, skinny, a bit on the athletic side. Considered "wiry".

Eye Color:
Light brown/hazel. Look almost yellow when he's angry.

Hair Color & Style:
Naturally white blonde. Long enough that he cant tie it back if he wants to.

Skin Tone:
Pale white with some olive. Tans easily in the summer.

Surpringly none.

Type of Dresser:
Viseryn doesn't think it's worth anyones time or money to dress in the "latest trends", because they'll only go out of style and be tossed aside. He's a big fan of dressing appropriately, casually, and comfortably all at the same time. He'll only really dress up in anything expensive if the occasion is an important one. Otherwise, he typically wears neutral or earth tone colored clothing and loose fitting shirts with casual pants. He has one jacket he's been known to favor as well.

Tattoos & Piercings:
None. Viseryn thinks body modification is unnatural. He think it tarnishes what a person is naturally born with and will never get any sort of tattoo. However, he doesn't think piercings are all that bad, but doesn't like the idea of having any holes poked in him himself.

Physical Disabilities:
He's partially deaf in one ear from a loud explosion that he was part of during WWII. His foot also shakes involuntarily too because of this. It's not very noticable.

Pointed Elven Ears.
Seems to emit some sort of light when surrounded by large quantities of nature. Also due to his species.


Mental State:

Mental Disabilities:
Former insomniac.

Self Image:
Alters between confident and a little uncertain. Viseryn isn't afraid to admit he has his moments of self-doubt. In his field of work, he realizes that sometimes, it's not okay to make a mistake. When he does, he often fears what the outcome of his error is going to be. This is why he goes into cases he's dealt with before much more confidently than cases he's unfamiliar with. His overall self-image is pretty normal for someone who works in as stressful a job as he does.

Over-All Personality:
Hardworking and dedicated to the "art of medicine", it surprises many that Viseryn is as social as he is. Most expect him to be constantly cooped up in the infirmary he works in, but he quite enjoys being around people. He's good humored and well-mannered from years of dealing with even the most obnoxious of patients, and is fond of making new friends. When he becomes attatched to someone, it isn't unlike him to keep in touch long after he's moved away. Viseryn is also well-traveled and well educated, which is a reason many people find they enjoy talking to him as he's full of stories. Some people find Viseryn's charasmatic personality a little overwhelming or even fake when (most of the time) he is being genuinely nice. His biggest vice is that he is a work-a-holic and is addicted to his chosen practice. He can go hours at a time working on something without any breaks at all and not feel stressed out in the least bit. This can be a little annoying to some people, especially friends who want to see him. He can be a little tempramental on some subject, but flips out more internally than externally.

Defining Trait:
Dedication and loyalty.

Fears & Weaknesses:
Being anyone's cause of death, being burned or burried alive, going a month without seeing the sun.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Thoughts on Relationships:
Viseryn has plenty of time for friends. He really likes his friends and keeps many of them. He's usually the one in the center of the big crowd. He isn't big on formally dating because he knows that sort of thing takes up a lot of time and patience and doesn't want to treat any significant other unfairly by putting his work first.

-Self Interests & The What Not-

The Compoun's general physicisian and apothacary. Recently hired.

Past Occupations:
Worked a variety of medicine related jobs over the years.
He owned a small apothecary's shop when he was living in Europe, which he owned under various identitys (Once he should have aged physically, he'd close the shop for a bit then return with a new haircut and new clothes and call himself the nephew of the previous owner). He kept up this business until 1854 which was when he decided to move to England. In England, after completing a formal mortal education, he worked as a doctor that specialized in herbal/"natural" medicine until WWI. He worked as a special operations medic both World Wars and was recruited by a secret mythical branch of the military to work as one afterwards. He quit in the 1980s and stayed unemployed until he finished yet another degree.

His career is considered a talent. He is an incredible apothecary and can come up with an elixir from even most seemingly normal plants using the powers that come from his species.
He doesn't talk about it much but Viseryn isn't too bad at cooking either (a skill he's picked up after making so many "potions"). He thinks this gift of his is too feminine to express, so he privately indulges in that.

Reading, learning about other cultures.

General Likes:
His collection of anatomy books and medical journals, field guides, archery (even though he sucks at it), summer, nature, nice humans, other elves and lycanthropes, socializing, organization, food, parties, drinking and its side effects, knives.

General Dislikes:
Robotics and artificial intelligence, pretentious vampires, English & Philosophy, carrot cake, the cold, the rain, rudeness, people who pry for information, war, violent humans, eating meat.


Mother: Aelianna Reusa Sage

Father: Thaemaren Sage

Relationship with Parents:
Still stays in contact with, but not close. Had a happy childhood with them, so he can't complain about them though his mother often gets on his nerves with her constant begging of him to come home instead of going to work in the "ridiculous compound".

Siblings: Two brothers and a sister.
Rhogeir - His senior by 10 years - Died.
Chiren - Senior by 4 years
Florianna - Younger by 2 years

Relationship with Siblings:
Close with his two living siblings. His brother Rhogeir was killed recently in a mob of a group of mythical radicals who were trying to overthrow the German Government. He's not too upset by his brother's dead because he never really got to know him well nor did they stay in touch, but he is peeved that the whole humans vs. myths thing is getting so out of control.

Ethnic Heritage: 100 percent Elven.

Education: 3 Doctoral Degrees.
-Physician's Degree
-Botanist's Degree
-Pharmacutical Degree

Languages Spoken:
Elven (first language), German (Second Language), English.

Religious Beliefs:
Believes that nature and life are equally spiritual and follows the Elven traditions he was raised on.

(Go crazy with this. Be as detailed as you want)

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