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(Suggestion: Do a little research before playing a character of this species. Read a little about the various kinds of dragons in the world)

What They are:
Men or women whom have consumed dragon’s blood or heart to become one with the race and gain power.

Typical Appearances:
Humanoid, though they do appear to have scales on certain places on their bodies. Their pupils are also slit-like in the draconian fashion, and are surrounded by jewel toned irises of any color (even those not typically found in nature). Dragoons/Drakes also carry very distinctive scents that even the dulled senses of mortals can trace -- the scent is similar to the charred, demonic scent.
Dragoons/Drakes are famously tall beings depending on how long a person has been a member of that species. The older the dragoon, the larger their physical size is thought to be.

All dragoons were, in fact, once human. [Usually Knights or Dragon hunters]
Only after having slain a dragon and consuming its blood or indeed its heart do you then become a Dragoon. The dragon’s blood is said to have magical properties which after death and consumption pass on these 'powers' to the said consumer.
These days, as most dragons are difficult to find, blood for consumption can be found in various black-markets across the mythical world.

These powers include the ability to breath and control fire- pyro kinesis; it is even thought that they can sprout wings in order to fly (This case is very rare and only occurs with those who have managed to drink a large quantity of draconian blood).
Heightened awareness of their surroundings - due to an improvement in the senses of smell, sight and hearing.
As well as becoming more agile, allowing the individual to leap to a great height or distance.

It is said that dragon tears have healing properties meaning that even dragoon tears are sought after – they are a hunted kind. The hunter became the hunted.

Dragoons do age physically, though the process is made very slow. For every 50 years that pass, the dragoon ages approximately one year physically.


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