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What they are:
Similar to elementals but physically much different, Celestrium possess the interesting ability to manipulate celestial energies.

Typical Appearances:
Humanoid in appearance, Celestrium are known for their interesting colorations. Inherited from their fae ancestors, they possess traits that give their skin silver, gold, or bronze tints. These metallic colors are also found in the Celestrium’s eyes and hair.
While their ancestors have wings, Celestrium are surprisingly wingless, due to conflicting genetics between the species they originate from.

The mixing of the angelic and fae species. Rather than creating a species of Nephilim as typically occurs with angelic hybrids, the mixing of angelic and faerie genetics created an entirely new species that became stabilized as Celestrium have pro-created throughout time.

Similar to elementals, this power being that to control energies – Photokinesis, the manipulation of light be it natural or unnatural, In this context natural - When outside during the night or during a sunny day, they are able to harness light that either the stars or the sun give off and manipulate it to their liking.
Celestials are also able to absorb sun or moonlight to enhance their senses. They are able to “charge” themselves up by standing in light for a long period of time, which will result in enhanced hearing, scent, sight, speed, and strength.
Celestials are also telepaths.

The weaker the light source the weaker the spell. Meaning their power is best used during the day.
Some Celestrium are also unfortunate to suffer from what they typically refer to “Light Sickness” -- if a member of this species attempts to use their power when not enough solar light is available to them, the Celestrium will experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, and (if the user continues to attempt to use the power for an extended period of time without rest or replenishing its resources), comatose state.

Slowed. Celestrium age two-times slower than humans.

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