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What They Are:
Not quite elementals, shells are those who as blank, or resistant to certain abilities of others.

Typical Appearances:
Entirely human, however, all Shells have an identifying “birth mark” on the back of their necks, just below where the hairline begins. The mark is usually dark gray to black and slightly elevated from the skin. Tattoo-like, shells are not easily identifiable by their markings.

Typically the offspring of two elementals.
The Shell can also appear sporadically, due to genetic mutations.

Shells do not have any outward abilities; rather, they are immune to the effects of the following abilities;
Telepathy, empathy (emotion manipulation), glamours, and any seductive or persuasive charms another species may possess.

Due to their blocking abilities, Shells are unable to communicate telepathically with any member of any species, no matter how close their relationship may be. Those that attempt to extend their minds outward find themselves struck with a great deal of pain, as this conflicts their body’s natural defense system.


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