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What They Are:
Not quite mages, Illusionists are humanoid beings specialized in creating the intangible and untraceable.

Typical Appearances:
Entirely human, though those that use their powers often tend to have skin that exudes a very dim yellow or silver light. Because of this, they are sometimes confused for Celestrium. Their skin glows this way due to the manipulation of bio-electric energies around them.
Illusionists may also assume different appearances when using their powers on their own selves.

Sporadically created by mutation in mortal genetics.
Illusionists who have children together also usually have children with the same abilities.
There is some speculation as to if illusionists are descent from fae, who use glamours in a similar way to this species, though little evidence has been found during scientific investigation.

Powers & Abilities:
Through the use of bio-electric energies, illusionists are able to create powerful glamours in their environment and on themselves. They may manipulate their surroundings so that others may see it as something entirely different. The illusionist may project these false images to a select person or group, or to anyone who may happen to be around to observe their powers.

The more an illusionist uses its powers, the better its illusions will be and the longer they will last.
Young illusionists often project their powers without their own awareness, and, when spaced out, have been known to quite literally play their day dreams out before themselves.
Illusionists near their death find that they are only able to use their powers in spurts, for random periods of time.

Shells are able to see through most illusionists powers, as they are immune to them.
All illusions are able to be seen through in some manner, though how this is done is up to the user.
Illusionists are not able to project their abilities onto reflective surfaces or through television, phone, or internet screens. One must be seeing the illusion directly in order to be aware of it.

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