Vetric Honourius Blackthorne

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Vetric Honourius Blackthorne

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Habbo Username: Benito-Seghetto
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Full Name : Vetric Honourius Umbra Blackthorne

Meaning of Name:
Vetric means "divine wind" in high enochian, the language used by the upper choirs of angels. The very fact that his name comes from this upper variety of the most exclusive language known to man and mythical alike already sets him apart from his fellow mythicals. His name is open to interpretation, as all angelic words are, due to it's vast range of meanings. The two most plausible ones are that he is like a breeze on a hot summers day, just the right amount of hot and cold to soothe ones skin. This is at odds with the other plausible meaning, and his nature on the whole. The other common interpretation is that he is gods wind to smite those that oppose him. Although the wind cannot be seen coming it's effects are dramatic despite their apparent lack of source.

Nickname(s): Ric and Dead Man. (the second is an honourific among other angelic, and enlightened mythical, society)

Date of Birth: December 2nd , indeterminant year. ( He's roughly 5 millenia old.)

Place of Birth: High Rock Keep, Enoch.

Species: Angel (a unique form of angel that has fallen traits which we shall go onto later)

Accent: Angelic. That light tone of voice that is awfully similiar to irish. Sounds like bells and laughter when he speaks calmly, like thunder and rage when he is angered. Very expressive in nature.

-Physical Appearance-

General Appearance (Facial Features, Etc.):

Height & Body Type: He is relatively short for his species, only measureing about 5' 6". However, his body is structured based on a variety of training styles and practical usage to make it lithe and packed with muscele tissue. While he looks relatively unassuming while clothed, if seen naked one will quickly come to realise how build Vetric is. Built more like a dancer than a brawler, one should be wary of taking him at face value.

Eye Color: The colour of slightly used steel, with flecks of intelligence and brightness in them.

Hair Color & Style: Light brown, usually relatively short and cropped he does take time to style it in the appropriate manner (see pictures)

Skin Tone: Olive skinned (that's what I'd call it)

Scars: His whole body is a mess of scars. You don't fight for so long against such tough foes and come away unmarked. Vetrics prominant scars include one directly on his sternum, where a sword thrust just clipped the bottom of his heart and he barely survived, and one just at the base of his right wing, where someone tried and failed to cut it off with a a katana.

Type of Dresser: Very variable, dependant on his moods and activities. Usually seen to wear "studentey" type clothes consisting of leather jackets and hoodies twined with jeans and casual shoes. This can change abruptly when he is training or doing something of importance when it becomes all utilitarian and militaryesque.

Tattoos & Piercings: On his right forearm he has a tiny scripted list of notable engagements in which he has fought in. This is a very odd custom of celebration among angelic society, and is utterly at odds with the tattoo on his left arm. This is a long casualty list spiralling from his left shoulder blade and ending with the oldest names down on his left wrist. When asked about his tattoos he commonly replies "I celebrate the victorys less than I mourn the loses. One day the lists shall be of equal length, or I'll be dead." It seems this is an impossible goal to meet, but he still atempts it.

The other tattoo Vetric holds is one of symbolic importance. A simple winged skull on the palm of his right hand marks him out as a "Dead Man". These extraordinary individuals are servants of the Angelic Inquisition who have gone above and beyond their already huge call of duty. It has been recognised that they ought to be dead, and that their services are greater than most other angels will achieve in a dozen lifetimes. A mark of honour found on maybe 50 living angels.

Physical Disabilities: Right now he has broken wings. Utterly mauled by troopers upon his capture, his wings were broken in several places by hammers. They are healing well, as one would expect from an angel, but he still cannot fly.

Other (Wings, ears, etc): Broad wings the colour of newly polished steel. They are like his eyes only brighter.


Mental State: Although he is embittered by his constant sacrifice for his god, he is utterly lucid and sane.

Mental Disabilities (If Any): After living for this long, in this violent nature he is slightly unhinged. It is more or less a daily struggle to not break down and degenererate into a creature built only for battle. Only time will tell if he stays true to his idealic origins.

Self Image: One of a broken statue. He is resentful to a certain extent because he used to think, and know, he was beautiful and now he feels like a crippled horse waiting to be put down without honour. The amount of damage done to his body is substantial for any race, a vast array of scar tissue ranging from ear to shin.

Over-All Personality: Variable in the extreme. He will be happy and humourous one hour, the next he will be solemn and hating himself. He just cannot settle, although he blasts through a whole range of degrees of sorrow and joy so I doubt he's bi-polar.

Defining Trait: "He'll seem to look right into your soul and know you. You can practically see the cogs turning in his head."

Fears & Weaknesses: He fears being in a tight space. He hates feeling trapped and so will often be seen pacing the compoud like a lion in a zoo. His currant weakness is his lack of flight, he is used to a more acrobatic fighting style and so will be less resourceful in a fight due to his lack of wings.
He hates and fears tunnels. If he is in a tunnel for more than roughly an hour he'll go into a panic attack and end up literally curled up in a ball in the corner. This dates back to a traumatic experience just after The Celestial Conflict.

Sexuality: Straight.

Thoughts on Relationships :
Platonic : He believes in the bond of brotherhood. To be honest it is one of the staples in his life. He feels that he just cannot betray the guys on his left and right so he just will not turn from the enemy. The bonds bought in blood run deep in this one.

Romantic : Touchey subject, He was SERIOUSLY burned in the past. To the point that he almost picked the wrong side in the Celestial Conflict. Is unsure of relationships and is really very insecure in them. He feels he may be betrayed but also understands that he needs to love. We shall see if any relationships involving him can actually last.

-Self Interests & The What Not-

Occupation : Gods Agent.

Past Occupations : One of the most prominant warriors in the celestial conflict. Deep strike agent of the Angelic Inquistion.

Talents: Appearing to be less than he is. Doing anything to win in a fight(he long ago decided that in a real battle honour and chivalry are left at the door). A talented shadow manipulator and general angelic mage. An amateur/professional sketch artist. His ability to empathise with anyone and as such weddle little morsels of information out of them. Utterly able to detach from morals and personal relationships at the drop of a hat ( a notable example is on a deep infilitration into Hell he befriended and turned a demon back to the light. They became very intimate before he had to flee in the end. In need of a scape goat he ditched her and left her to be tortured, a decision he leaves no sleep over)

Hobbies/Past-Times: He remembers. Vetric loves to fly, because it gives him the utmost feeling of freedom, which he loves. Drawing anything and anyone, but he prefers to jot down scenes from "back home".

General Likes: Losing himself in the woods or somewhere else he has never been and just walking/flying for days. Reminising with old peers and companions. Intelligent conversations. Teaching those who are younger than him. Practicality. Exercise and people who exercise.

General Dislikes: Being stuck in one place. Not being allowed freedom. People who believe themselves to be important/untouchable when they're not. Wasting his time or people who waste time. Snakes (although dislikes is an understatement, he loathes them)


Mother: Catriona Blackthorne (was Tarquine)

Father: Alessandro Blackthorne

Relationship with Parents:
Distant at best. Being the youngest of their children his parents, while they probably loved him, were not very attentive. He found that he prefered to rely on others for regular affection and as such met Cambria. His mother barely acknowledged his existance, lavishing her time on Damascan and Murtan, who she saw demonic sensibilities in. His father spent most of his time schooling Alessandro to inherit the family when he retired, although he still made time for all of his children periodically. Despite of this deficiency of love, because it still existed he sought to make his father proud at every turn. Although he is unlikely to acknowledge it now, he still feels he must step up and make the family proud.

Alessandro (Slain in the Dark Days Strike)
Carrick ( Alive - Lord Commander and Founder of the Fallen Valiants Order)
Antonio ( Slain during the Battle of the Sepulchre)
Damascan ( Alive - Residing in Hell)
Commodus (Alive - Resides in Heaven, eminant advocate in The Parliament)
Baras ( Alive - Notable Fallen Valiant)
Umberfield ( Alive but crippled - Doctor in Enoch)
Murtan ( Demonic, Slain during Battle of the Gates)
Nathanial ( Slain during the Battle of the Rock)
Vetric ( Alive - Fallen, Eminant member of the Angelic Inquistion and personal agent to The Metatron)

Relationship with Siblings: His relationship with his siblings is hard to guage, because he has an awful lot of reservations regarding them, esspecially with referance to his demonic brothers. Due to Alessandro being their fathers favourite, and groomed as the family heir, he was never very close to his eldest brother, Alessandro. He took his role model in life from the morally upright and fiery Carrick, who he continues to remain on good terms with. He was closest to his twin brother Nathanial, though. Utterly inseperable as children, they grew up as two sides of a matching coin, Nathanial was always more level headed and calculating while Vetric revelled in risk and his own exploits. Upon seeing Nathanial fall at the Battle of the Rock, Vetric was utterly devastated. He went on to become the hero of said battle, arguably the turning point in the celestial war and had they not won it is likely that the Holy Palace its self would have been destroyed. Afterward the war, he chose to carve his life out based more on Nathanials mannerisms, and as such became more moderated, chosing not to fall with Carrick and to wait on Gods command to do his work on earth.

Ethnic Heritage: Pure blood enochian.

Education: Private tutalige from a very young age until he was old enough to attend the School of Seraphins, where he was an unfocused if academically brilliant student. Only became good at what he took an interest in.

Languages Spoken: Every language known to man, due to his inate angelic abilities and his schooling.

Religious Beliefs: He has stood in the presence of the lord almighty. He is religiously devout because he views it that he must serve, as it is his purpose for existance. He may go off the wagon regularly in terms of infractions but his over all goals are to obey Gods will and see it done.

Theme Song: This version of Sound of Silence

Vetric Blackthorne's life started off much like any young mans. He was in constant competition with his siblings for attention of his parents and tutors. He bonded with his nearest sibling Nathanial from a very young age. Despite the 4 years seperating them, they both got their wings at the same age. This level of bonding is known in angelic society as empathy partners, and one usually only gets one in a life time. Regularly in Rock (the highest area of heaven and the place of residence for most of the leading Seraph families) gossip, the two cut a dashing streak through a crowd. While one was able to make the girls swoon with his wild looks the other was more reserved and serene to look at, the archetype of a typical angel. This image of the perfect angel was shattered when one heard of their exploits. Ranging from shamelessly flirting with the daughters of other eminant Seraph houses to stealing Michaels spear on a whim, the two were utterly inseperable in their deeds.

Unfortunately, as history will tell, this was to change. Vetric met one of the individuals that was to shape his life from that moment until his dying day. Cambria MorningStar ( later entitled "The FIre Starter"). From their first meeting at a ball in Lucifers house, they had an attraction. Vetrics acts of daring became more dangerous in nature as he strived to new lengths to impress this girl, who he had fallen for utterly. They started to court, spending days and weeks seperated from the rest of the high caste of angels, just with each other. Nathanial and Vetric grew more distant as Vetric turned from his empathy partner to this new interest in his life. Even when Cambria began to show vast interest in the fledgling human society, Vetric encouraged her, despite Nathanial insisting this was a step too far. Towards the end Vetric was merely spending time with her, unaware that he was not the only interest she was cultivating in terms of companions. In the end it was luck that Vetric was not utterly turned to her will.

While gazing down at Adam one night he saw Cambria and another angel (Tarthin Jajjo) getting ready to do the deed in the garden. Utterly distraught he fled to the one person he trusted above all others, Nathanial. Having comforted his brother, Nathanial went to confront Cambria, when he was also stunned by another act of cunning by the Fire Starter. Was the first to behold original sin, when Cambria tempted Eve to eat the Apple of Knowledge. He instantly reported his findings to Michael, already a prominant angelic enforcer of law. Michael deemed it crucial that Nathanial and Vetric be the ones to throw Cambria to earth, and (they thought) her death. A fitting punishment for an angel with this degree of interest in mankind. Although Vetric agreed he said he couldn't do it alone, and they agreed to take their two brothers Umberfield and Damascan.

The later was a mistake that haunts Vetric to this day. Cambria had not been idle with regard to the Blackthorne family. She had managed to turn Damascan and Murtan to her purposes. As such when Cambria returned to the Rock she was greeted by a party of vengeful angels, and a traitor. When it came to throwing her from heaven, breaking her wings in several places first, Damascan interfered. He managed to get a charm to Cambria, which meant that she could seal her soul from her body temporarily (protecting her life briefly while her body healed after the impact with Earth). Vetric was agreed to be the one to throw Cambria from heaven, although his resolve faltered when he was forced to look his ex-lover in the face on the edge of heaven. Only Nathanials bond with him, and his comforting presenmce gave him the resolve to smile at her before throwing her, allegedly, to her death.

The following week was a nightmare of regret and doubt for Vetric. He felt like he was alone in the world, but for Nathanial. Despite his continued roared defiance at his brother, Nathanial refused to stop visiting him, and eventually Vetric was able to let himself cry for his loss. It is fortunate that the two were together when they were, in the family home at Blackthorne Bastion, when the Dark Days strike ignited the Celestial Conflict. The original strikes went in against the highest institutions of heaven with attacks going in against most of the largest loyalist families and other places such as the High Sepulchre and the Inquisition offices. It is believed that 1 in 3 families lost at least one family member that night.

The attack of Blackthorne Bastion was engineered by Murtan Blackthorne, who by this time was loyal to the Morning Star and his cause. In an action which would have killed the majority of the Blackthorne family and left them utterly unable to take part in the coming war. Fortunately, Murtan and his team of turned angels were discovered by a family servant, Hytopin. With the alarm raised, the bastion soon desolved into a mess of close quaters fighting. Murtans attack team was able to get into the apartment of Carrick and kill his wife and three infant children. Unfortunately, Vetrics eldest brother was not so lucky. Alessandro Blackthorne, heir to that noble house was slain by his brother while defending his family. This was a very personal attack on Alessandro, with it's origins found in Alessandros wife chosing him over Murtan some 2 decades earlier. It is interesting to note that the jealousy and resentment in a large number of angels was played upon by Cambria and her father Lucifer to turn them to his purposes. Eventually casting the attackers out of the house, the family began to consolidate it's loses.

Umberfield, Nathanial and Vetric were instantly despatched with a number of household followers to the ensueing battle at High Peak, where God holds his seat. This attack was led personally by Lucifers son, Daedric. Arriving at a fortunate time, the contingent of Blackthorne angels were able to assault the rear of the attacking forces, destroying any attempts by them to penetrate the palace and throw down the Throne (literally). Now awakened to the true nature of Cambria and the troubles she had directly caused, Vetric's self loathing and sadness were replaced with a pure and abidding anger. His brothers death at the hands of one his sibling was enough to make vetric pour all of his energy into the conflict.

Although they had endured on the first night of the conflict, one battle does not win a war. It is believed that although there were technically more loyalists, the insurrectionist forces were all mobilised from the beginning, where the Loyalists were spread thin trying to recover and consolidate in the wake of the destruction wrought by the first attack on Heaven. Michael and Metatron held joint command of the angelic forces, which sought to hold out against the continued assault from the (now termed) demonic forces. The conflict was fough over roughly two decades, with a number of significant victories and defeats for angelic and demonic sides alike. One particularly bloody conflict for the angelic forces was the Battle of the Sepulchre, in which Vetrics brother Antonio was slain on the steps outside the great edifice in dedication to God.

Although they made initial head way, with Vetric leading a particularly effective battalion of loyalists in rapid assaults on rebel positions, before being forced back inexorably until the Battle of the Rock. Here, it was Nathanial who played the most pivotal part in the early portions of the battle, while the other loyalists were able to with draw and effectively. Unfortunately this resulted in Nathanials martyrdom, just as Vetric arrived on the battlefield.

As a result, Vetric led his battalion in a death or glory strike at the centre of the assaultng forces, which were utterly unprepared for an attack of such ferocity. The rest became a matter of record, with Vetric lauded as the hero of The Battle of the Rock. With the loyalist forces able to wash the rebel forces out of Enoch, with a conclusive battle fought at the Gates of Enoch. Vetric was tasked with a specific duty after the conflict. Although his brothers Carrick and Baras had refused to lay down their arms and had chosen to fall to continue the fight against the demonic foe, Vetric was head hunted by the Angelic Inquisition for more specialist work.

It was agreed that Vetric would act as a direct agent for the inquisition in all earthly dealings. He would retain angelic status, but he would be required to spend most of his time away from heaven. This was a plan with many aspects. Firstly, Vetric was too valuable a warrior to waste. He needed to be put to good use for the good of the faithful. Secondly, it was decided that penance was required for his association with Cambria. This may seem unfair, but it must be noticed that in the wake of the end of the Celestial Conflict everything regarding Cambria and her father was being scrutinised by the inquisition to make sure nothing of a similiar nature would ever happen again. Thirdly, Vetric could not be kept in heaven. He was deemed to be too unpredictable and dangerous to keep in residence, and that if he didn't have an outlet for the anger which beset him he may do damage to the rebuilding of angelic society.

As such, Vetric became an almost mythical figure in angelic society. His actions were lauded in the streets, but he rarely returned to heaven or was actually seen by all but a few angels. In the first millenia after the ceasation of the conflict he is reputed to have returned to Heaven less than twenty times in total. One of these was to accept the mission to lead a kill-squad against Lucifers own son, Daedric. Only he and his brother survived this ill fated mission, although they succeeded in their objectives and were named as "Dead men". The rank of Dead Man is the highest that can be attained by any agent of the Inquisition, with the ability to veto any action taken in the angelic parliament.

I'll let you see the rest later. Also, this is a very brief recounting of my interpretation of the Celestial Conflict.

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Re: Vetric Honourius Blackthorne

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Finally got around to writing about half of his history. I'll elaborate later.
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