* General Tirzarah Harmin *

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* General Tirzarah Harmin *

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-Basic Information-

Full Name: Chimeric Experiment Number 9, "Tirzarah Harmin", General of Hell's Demonic Division Number 3

Meaning of Name:
-Was the 9th Chimeric creation in existence and was not given permission to select a real name until after the destruction of the "failed" or weak chimera.
-Tirzarah is a Hebrew name that means pleased.
-Harmin, her surname, was taken to memorialize her mentor, who died during a training exercise gone wrong and did not have any offspring himself.

Nine - Her number in which she was created. All older chimera used for military purpose are typically known by their numbers until they're granted permission to have actual names.

Zarah - Usually called this by non-demonic beings.

Date of Birth:
Unknown of the real date.
Says her birthday is June 9, the day she was allowed to have a real name.
Around 3000 years old -- physically looks to be in her late twenties.

Place of Birth:
Castle Brimstone, Hell
She, along with the rest of the first ten Chimera created, were made here. Castle Brimstone's location is unknown to anyone but the 10 Chimera made there and those who aided in their creation (a small group of demons, most of which were angels that fell during the Celestial War)

Chimeric Demon of the High Human form.

Faintly Demonic

-Physical Appearance-

General Appearance:
A high human Chimera, Zarah has a mortal's face. She has strong, intensive features that are not traditionally feminine. Even from afar, she is rather intimdating and very tough looking. The only REAL feminine feature to her are her lips, which are bowed and always a deep red. Her eyes were made so they were purposely angled in a way that makes her appear to be alert in any situation and they go well with her sharp, high cheekbones and chin. Her mortal features do not stop there unlike most Chimera, as her torso and shoulders are also human looking. Both sides of her head are adorned with ram's horns, the ends of which are sharpened frequently and have been dipped in gold. Black, tiger like stripes run across her stomach, thighs, and calves and her nails are longer and more curved outward like a bird's talons. Zarah is very fierce and even though she's on the more normal looking end of the spectrum of Chimera that exist, to most her appearance is very frightening. Being called ugly or monsterous is something that has never bothered her. Appearance means nothing.

Height & Body Type:
5' 11''. Tall like most Demonics.
A little curvy but mostly very athletic and noticeably physically toned. Her appearance is very typical for demonics, and actually on the shorter side for Chimerics.

Eye Color:
Dark brown. Appears mahogany red in some lights.

Hair Color & Style:
Long, straight dark brown.

Skin Tone:
Olive. She tans easily and usually looks as if she's spent a long time in the sun.

Several on random places over her body. Most of them are faded.

Type of Dresser:
Zarah likes loose fitting clothes she can move around in. She doesn't have a specific style, but she's a big fan of boots and leather. It kind of goes along with the tough-girl look she's got going on. Zarah feels that clothes ought to be practical and functional, so she shuns high heels and dresses from her wardrobe.

Tattoos & Piercings:
Several ear piercings. Numerous tattoos on her shoulders, along her stripes.

Physical Disabilities:
A limp in her left foot. She was shot there with a blast of heavenly fire during a scrape with a pissed off fallen angel. Though the wound is mostly healed, for some reason, when it's going to rain, she begins to limp and notice the muscle in her ankle is sore. Having lived so long with it, though, she's developed the ability to run even when it's bothering her and to ignore the pain until she's able to rest.

She's got several other obvious blemishes and oddities throughout her body, due to the fact that her species is basically a "trial and error" science experiment. She does not consider her horns or her stripes to be a disablement by any means.

Horns - Chimeric Trait.
Stripes - Chimeric Trait.


Mental State:
Surprisingly very sane, though she doesn't really look like it.

Mental Disabilities

Self Image:
Zarah is unable to feel any insecurity due to the way she was made. She regards herself as the most powerful and believes she can only become stronger and MORE powerful, which can make her come off as a bit cocky or arrogant sometimes. She doesn't nessecarily believe she's better than anyone in terms OTHER than physical strength, but many find her intimidating when she's not affected by mean comments about her appearance.

Over-All Personality:
Zarah is very hard to piss off.
She doesn't look like it, but she is actually rather calm dispositioned, having conditioned herself to only react aggressively when it is nessecary. It takes a great deal of effort to get her mad, but the one thing that will annoy her most is ignorance. She cannot stand to be around anyone who is uneducated or ignorant and her patience is very easily tried around these types. Anyone like this who tries to pose a threat to her is usually met by a very unhappy Zarah. And an unhappy Zarah is a very scary Zarah.

Her physical strength actually reflects through her personality. Zarah is very protective over those she allows herself to care about and has also known to be rather stubborn. Her opinions on others are not easily swayed and once she's made a judgement it is more or less permanent. She does not let gossip or rumors change her mind on any matter and prefers to make her own thoughts on a matter before deciding if she likes something or not.

She's also very surprisingly strategic and logic-minded, which is one of the reasons why she advanced to such a high position in Demonic Military. Not only is she good on the battle field, but she's good during planning.

Defining Trait:
Her physical strength.

Fears & Weaknesses:
Unfortunately, because Zarah was not made to be a social being, she's not the best at making friends. She doesn't really have a filter on what she says to people and is unable to feel true empathy for someone unless they've proven they deserve it in some way. As a result, she's made many people angry with her before they've even really gotten to know her and left Zarah herself without a care at all for what her words might have done.

She's not afraid of most mortal things, but she IS afraid of disappointing the "big guys" that rule down in Hell.


Thoughts on Relationships:
Chimera are unable to reproduce, so Zarah does not feel a romantic relationship is nessecary. She knows mortal men don't find her attractive, either, and has learned to just not care about romance at all. She's open to the IDEA of being in a relationship, but she's not really looking for one or openly inviting anyone to come and sweep her off her feet.

Platonic friendships are things Zarah really does enjoy. She's very aware of her friends once she's made them.

-Self Interests & The What Not-

General for Hell's Chimeric Military
She's held the position for nearly 1,000 years now and has loved every moment of it. There is nothing Zarah enjoys more than her job and, if it's possible, she might even be considered a work-a-holic, putting her duties before everything else. She knows that she was pretty much made for the position and is programmed to like it, but believes she would even if she weren't. She's in charge of planning any major moves the Chimeric army makes, over-sees the production of many new members of her species, and keeps things running smoothly during times of peace.

But because right now is not a time of peace, Zarah is on the verge of preparing for war. If she'd not been captured in the middle of a mythical radical group's plan to assassinate the United States president, she'd probably be prepping for it right now...

Past Occupations:
Various positions throughout the Chimeric military.

Physical Strength
An Excellent Swordswoman

Sparring, Dueling. Fencing, Reading

General Likes:
Steal, Human Food (one of the few mortal things she'll admits she likes) [especially cake and tea], Her sword, Loud Music, Math & Science, Other "dark" species, Mythical Radicals.

General Dislikes:
Most Angelics, Journalists and the Media, Cell phones, Nosey Telepaths, Frilly Things, Gender Stereotypes, Ignorance.


None. She has no biological mother, as she was created.

No biological father, but she considers one of her creators to be her father. Harmin (the mentor she took a surname after) taught Zarah everything he knew about combat and skill since her first days of existence up until his death.

Relationship with Parents:

None biologically, though she considers the other 9 chimera she was created with to be her brothers and sisters.

Relationship with Siblings:
5 of the original ten were killed.
Zarah is still in communication with the other 4.

Ethnic Heritage:


Languages Spoken:
Demonic, English, Arabic, Hebrew Latin

Religious Beliefs:
Satanist (Obviously)

Theme Song:

WIll Edit Later

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Re: * General Tirzarah Harmin *

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Except history.

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