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Post  RiteOfSpring on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:30 am

If you're looking for a cool addition to your biography, have a really developed character you really, or are just bored and looking for something Compound related to do, feel free to request a character trailer.

What They Are:
Using a compilation of different video clips and some magic movie editing and music, I can put together a movie-trailer-like video that represents your character.

If you think you might like one, please fill out the following and post it as a reply to this post --

Name of Character:

Link to Biography:

Music You Want Used:
(Can be anything, really, but if you're looking for something more dramatic/theatrical, I recommend searching Two Steps from Hell on YouTube and finding something you like by them. Keep in mind that music that has lyrics/words in it might be a bit distracting if you want a lot of written text)

Actor/Actress To Represent Your Character:
(Can be the same faceclaim you use in your biography. Try to use someone who you know has been a larger role in more than one movie/tv show. I will NOT use ANIME CHARACTERS. I will not be able to make you a trailer if you cannot provide me an actor or an actress. If you need help looking, a good place to start is by browsing profiles of actors/actresses on IMDb. I CAN do musicians from music videos, but you'll need to tell me specifically what music videos you want me to get the clips from)

Specific Text:
(This can be anything you want to be said in the video. Try not to have more than 8 sentences, but try to have at least 3. If you have a lot of clips you want used, I am willing to go up to 10 sentences. They should be relevant to your character in some way)

Any Specific Clips?:
(If you already know a youtube video that has a clip or two in it that you'd like me to use, please give me the URL and the times the clip occurs at [Example; 0:03- 0:10]. The more specific clips you have the faster I can finish your trailer)

Anything Else?:

~All Completed Trailers Will Be Posted In a Separate Thread. Check there in about a day or so once you've made your request. If your trailer is not there within a week, feel free to remind me~

I will NOT make you a trailer if:
-You cannot give me an actor/actress to work with
-You plan on killing your character off any time soon
-You do not have a biography on the forums with a description of your character's appearance

Keep in mind:

-It takes me a little while to do each trailer. The amount of time it will take me to get your trailer done will depend on the number of requests before you, how difficult it is for me to find clips with your actor/actress in it, and/or how busy I am. Again, this places emphasis on you finding some of the material yourself (it will also ensure it's something you'll like)

-I will not use the same actor(ess) for more than one trailer. If you want a trailer with a more mainstream person as the faceclaim, request it ASAP so that nobody gets it before you. Some people who tend to go fast are (Sorry that these are all girls -- guys don't seem to request the trailers as much): Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried (Or however its spelled), Taylor Momsen, and Amy Lee.

-Trailers are typically 1:30 - 3:00 long. I will not make any trailer over 5 minutes long. It takes too long to make and too long to upload.

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Post  DaniTranic on Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:19 pm

Name of Character:
Miya Loveliam

Link to Biography:

Music You Want Used:
Two Steps From Hell - Casablanca

Actor/Actress To Represent Your Character:
Amanda Seyfried

Specific Text:
What if you couldn't go further.
If you lost the will to live.
That point of pure loneliness.
That point of utter helplessness
I have reached that point.
I have passed that point.
I am Miya Loveliam.
Still moving forward.


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Post  WonderlandJunkie on Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:29 am

Name of character;
Aisling Crawford

Link to bio;

Music you want used;
What The Water Gave Me -- Florence and the Machines

Clips you want used:

Actor/Actress representing your character;
Lily Collins, Debby Ryan, Kat Dennings, Anybody else who fits.

Specific Words;

I have shattered hearts

Broken bones

And dishonored laws.

Running from my past caused it,

Finding the future provoked it

Will you remember my name?


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{ Trailer Requests } Empty Re: { Trailer Requests }

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