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Altenburgh The Neko

Post  Altenburgh on Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:15 am

Habbo name: Altenburgh


Full Name: Altenburgh

Meaning of Name: no true meaning. Was found by the child in a book when he was very young so he adopted the name as his own.


Date of Birth: Unknown, but appears to be around 5

Place of Birth: Unknown

Species: Neko

Accent: That of a child who doesn't speak much, but knows some words.

-Physical Appearance-

General Appearance: Large blue eyes, slightly chubby cheeks, dark pink lips, small nose, dark bags under eyes

Height & Body Type: 3ft 4in, slightly chubby, broad shoulders, but otherwise slender, dark blonde hair around wrists and shins, feet and hands have small claws, and feet are that of a cat.

Hair Color & Style:Messy and unkept dark blonde hair

Skin Tone:slightly tanned

Type of Dresser: always the same clothes, they look as if they are too small, and a solid green hat that appears to be too big. A small hole in the back of pants for his tail.

Tattoos & Piercings: strange circles under eyes that are dark black, that have been said to move and change color but how or why is unknown.

Scars: none that are seen normally, though he has them, the most notible is a long trio of scars on his back, reaching from his neck down his left leg, and are always a dark red.

Physical Disabilities:none

Other : short pointy ears on top of head, that have small black tips on them. A long blonde tail with black and brown stripes. He can know exactly where someone is just by smelling the air, and what they are


Mental State:confused, but otherwise happy

Self Image:peacemaker, protector

Over-All Personality:overly kind, but somewhat shy and skidish around people he hasnt identified.

Defining Trait:has several "imaginary friends", jerry, artemis, and lucius
seems to be quite curious.

Fears & Weaknesses: fear of abandonment, and an unusual fear of some vampires

Sexuality:Ewww! girls have Kooties(but otherwise heterosexual)

Thoughts on Relationships: he thinks that relationships can make the world a happier place, no matter what kind. he has no problems with these people

-Self Interests & The What Not-

Talents: many survival instincts; A Master understanding of biokinesis. how he learned this is unknown.

Hobbies/Past-Times:reading, running

General Likes:friendly people, chocolate milk, His "gods"

General Dislikes:hateful people, The Neko Hunters, large amounts of foliage, unnecessary fighting.




Relationship with Parents:Hateful and scornful if at all


Relationship with Siblings:none

Ethnic Heritage:Caucasian, his birth place is in America, where is unknown

Education:self educated, if anything else, unknown

Languages Spoken:English to a suprising degree

Religious Beliefs:in several gods but none outright.

one morning, when Altenburgh was about 2 years old his parents left him in a forest. he did not know his own name, nor his parents. all that he had were several books, a small amount of food, and clothes that were in growing sizes. He read books on a regular basis, and learned some words, this is how he found his name, and the explanation for not knowing his last name. He was chased halfway across america by a group of vampires called the 'Neko Hunters'. He entered the compound over a back wall that is connected to the forest, thinking it was the house of a rich human and he was going to try and steal food from the house, and did not even know about the civil unrest about the things like him. Technically he is unregistered in the comunity, even though people know he is there. How he survived the forest, he tell s know one. he only tells people he trusts how he did it, even though he only trusts a few people.

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