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Post  WonderlandJunkie on Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:22 pm

Me and a few other people who'd like to remain unnamed, have noticed that within the RP everybody has sort of grouped off.

Karou and Warren,
Aisling and Carter,
Ibram and Cambria,
Other people.

It isn't really fun anymore, because people are always scening with the same people, so there isn't any variety.

I hate to call put Jess and Jake like this but another thing I've noticed is that when one person is online and scening with someone, say Jake, then Jess would come online and either interrupt and take over the scene, or Jake would leave saying they'd finish later. It isn't only with Jess and Jake though, they just have a majority of the characters in the RP so it's easy to use them as an example.

Another thing,
Not only is The Compound supposed to be a new, fresh RP but wasn't it said that no Alabaster characters would be introduced? And now we've got not only the alabaster characters, but Rossettas and Blacks which i specifically remember being told was NOT going to happen when I asked to be Mira, or anybody for the matter.
And now we've got:
Cambria : I personally don't mind her because she is an ancestor and was hardly ever in Alabaster in the first place.
Even BlueAsh.

Im sorry for being brash, and I know I'll be getting told off for this but seriously you guys?
Isn't there something we can do to fix this?
I'm tired of never having anybody to scene with because when Jake and Jess are online they're only scening with each other, and the same with A LOT of other people.

I'm not saying that I don't do it too. I do.
But I want it to change, and it can't change for one until it changes for all.
*superman stance*

IM hoping that the whole creature-break-jail thing will open up the RP some for people to have new scenes with new people. I just really wanted to point this out, and make a point to everybody's face instead of being an 'overly insecure eleven year old' and talk about it behind halls backs, without saying anything and having it never change.

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Post  rudedog04 on Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:44 pm

I've seen this as well. And I've also been told the same thing. I brought Reka back for a short period of time MIANLY because he wasn't just an Alabaster character, He was my first ever rp character, I made. I've had him senve abour '07. But, yes I do this as well, scene with the same people, I do try to mix things up and scene with the others, but most of them are not on when I get on. Though, I'll keep trying.

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Post  RiteOfSpring on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:20 pm

I just want to start off by saying I appreciate your feedback on the current situation within the roleplay. However, I have a few opinions of my own I would like to contribute to this:

1. I hate to use this as an excuse, but you haven't been online as often as most of have been as of late, Mallory. We have been doing more group scenes since it's winter break and there's more time for people to get on. Yes, before that we were a bit more segregated, but that's mostly because we're trying to progress our storylines and we need to scene certain characters to do that. I can't say this for everyone, but I know Jake and I welcome anyone who can fit or add to our character's current storylines.

2. If I do recall correctly, Jake has offered to work Aisling into the current storyline with the Davikov and (he may not have told you this yet) has offered to work through your entire biography to figure out where she can be fit in. I myself have even offered to be Valentina for a scene or two to try and get Aisling more personally involved in the storyline. This isn't an attack on you or anything (this is just my observation and I say this in the nicest, most respectable way possible), but I don't understand how you can be going off saying all this after we've been trying to get your character more intimately involved in scenes.

3. The current plot-twist in the storyline was done to try and unify people's characters and generate some new group scenes. Again, I don't understand why now, after you were there for the meeting yesterday, you feel the need to complain when we are outwardly pushing for a more unified roleplay with the small group of members we have.

4. Yes, I can see why it might seem a bit hypocritical for us to have allowed some Alabaster-aspects back into the roleplay -- however, you did ask only to be characters related to the Rossettas or one of the Rossetta-Black children. This is nothing personal, but I don't want anyone being any of the Rossetta-Black (Mira, Ari, Cassi) kids other than the people who originally roleplayed as them (Which is now only Stefan, as he was Cassius for a bit). We've added these Alabasterian people/places back into the roleplay to help enrich the storyline and keep things interesting.

Furthermore, I can see where you're coming from with these points, but at the same time, I'm not quite sure I can understand why it is you're so upset when we've been outwardly promoting the new twist and the bigger scenes coming up.

If you want more people to roleplay with and you cannot find a place for your character within the storyline (as harsh as this may sound), you may want to try and find new members to bring into the roleplay to scene with. We're willing to bend to your own character's storyline as well, but you have to try and make some place for yourself.

You have to be willing to get involved.

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Post  WonderlandJunkie on Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:52 pm

Sorry for the late reply, I was drawing a bath.

Anywho. Thanks for taking the time to reply to this. It means a lot to know that people's opinions including my own are being heard.

1. I hate to use this as an excuse, but you haven't been online as often as most of have been as of late, Mallory.

Yes, I am aware that I have not been online lately, especially this week since I am on travel and my laptop isnt with me. I do try to get on as often as I can, and honestly the only reasons I'm ever offline is because I've got therapy, voice training, or I'm doing bio edits. I do try to get on as often as I can.

The only other thing I really wanted to say was that -- and this isn't an attempt to argue, but instead me pointing out something -- the only reason I had asked to be Mira was because I didn't know how to fit Ariane into the storyline if she were to become a character since I did play her for a short amount of time. I understand the reason for adding them in (for the most part) and I wanted to say thank you for clearing everything up.

I did want to mention though, with the shortage of active members right now, would you and Jake consider:

1. Raising the character limit to three.

2.Adding another mod to Help open gates and accept badges.
-- I have noticed that when waiting in the main, you and Jake and Stefan will be offline, leaving nobody to accept members - which causes them to lose interest.

3. Holding more group events, not only on holidays.

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