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Vincent (Enzo) Zuan VaRossa

Sanguine Vampire
Distant relation to the Davikov's]

Date of Birth:
JUNE 12th 1449
Age: 574

Place of Birth:
Messina, Sicily

Coven/Clan Belonged To:
International Vampiric Government -
Davikov Coven

Summarization of appearance:
Tall, athletic and broad shoulderd, Vincent like his brother is physically intimidating.
His features are on the darker end of the spectrum, but are also very bold
and masculine and often seen as charming. Though his face is slightly leaner than his
brother's as well as the fact he stands slightly taller.
With a wide forehead and a strong jaw, it’s easy to see who he is from his mere profile.
His appearance fits his personality and enhances the commanding presence he seems to have.
He is dark of hair and eyes, and beholds an interesting scar down the left side of his jaw.

Summarization of personality:
Vince's personality is as intimidating as his appearance.
He is to some seen as old fashioned, a war lord of his time
he acts as such, a strong man who does not let his feelings get to him.
Outspoken, and often disrespectful to those he views as beneath him.
A woman must try hard to earn his respect, though once she does, all his
gentlemanly manners come to light and he treats her as a lady.
Unlike his brother however, Vincent give no way with men,
not so much the diplomat, Vince will test a man of his salt (physically)
before considering him as a worthy acquaintance.
A tutor, a professor in the art of War, Vince is a proud and honorary soldier.

Special Ability/(ies):
None, other than his military skills.

Vince is head of the Davikov Council, taking post as chairman.
His brother is Roman's Personal advisor and so the two brothers
work closely as Vincent feeds Magnus the councils opinion to best
advise Roman in his action's as Head/Lord of the Coven.

Vincent was once, the advisor of the previous Lord and founder of
the Coven: Kostya Davikov, though took up another role upon
Roman's appointment as new Head/ Lord of the Coven.

Vince is also a trainer of the Black Winter and was once a member as
was his brother Magnus.

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