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Ellis Josephine (Denver) VaRossa

Sired Vampire
Sired: 1932
By: Magnus Lucca Va Rossa (Husband)

Date of Birth:
JULY 18th 1901
Age: 111

Place of Birth:
Minneapolis, (City of Lakes) Minnesota

Coven/Clan Belonged To:
International Vampiric Government -
Davikov Coven

Summarization of appearance:
Taller than most women, Ellis has a very traditionally model-esque figure.
While she isn’t absurdly skinny, she is slender and is considered to have a willowy body type,
having few feminine curves. Her facial features suit her slightly rounded face shape;
they are feminine and attractive, though not classically so.
She has sharp, edgy features, with sculpted high cheekbones, that pull her cheeks inward
and accentuate her bunched pouty lips. Her blue, almond shaped eyes sit under her gentle
and neatly plucked brows.
She always seems to have more going on under the surface than one traditionally expects.
Her hair is naturally a mousey blonde shade, however she has always dyed her hair, either lighter
or into the dark chestnut brown is it currently colored, it is kept cropped short, just a few inches past
her chin, and curves around her angular and trim jaw-line.

Summarization of personality:
While Ellis is by no means immature, she has what one might call a “high school, queen bee complex.”;
she is aware of her physical level of attractiveness, and tries to filter this charm down into her personality.
All about first impressions, she will act in a sociable, sweet manner upon an initial meeting with someone.
If she forms any negative opinions of this person, she isn't afraid to vocalize them in any other meetings after that--
though she will do so in a subtle way. She isn't the most loyal of people, either, and has a habit of straying from
any sort of relationship she forms with someone, both romantic or platonic. Ellis says what is right for the moment,
and can change her mind about how she feel about someone on a dime. If she changes her mind or motives about anything,
she isn’t afraid to act on this even if it will have some not-so-pretty consequences...

Within the Davikov its-self Ellis does very little, she merely lives in the Castle along with her husband
as it is his place of work and home. When she was sired, Magnus had aspired that she be trained and join
the Black Winter though she failed in Magnus' eyes due to her lacking level of skill, and so now she merely
runs errands about the Castle, as well as looking pretty, being a awfully unfaithful wife, and 'servicing'
Lord Roman Black- Head of the Coven.

[Fledgling and Wife of Mr Magnus Lucca VaRossa
Sire of Mr Warren Howard]


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