Character Quiz Round Three

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Character Quiz Round Three Empty Character Quiz Round Three

Post  Monstah on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:08 am

I should get in the habit of doing these once a month.
People have fun answers.
Here's another totally random batch of questions for you kids.
Some of these a little deeper.
Knock yourselves out.

1. Your character has been assigned a very dangerous assassination mission. Even if your character isn't an assassin, how would they go about this?

2. Character's preferred alcoholic drink.

3. Character's preferred method of flirting or showing romantic interest in another.

4. What kind of cookie is your character?

5. If your character was on death row, what would he/she choose as a last meal?

6. How would your character react to being accused of a crime he/she didn't commit?

7. What would the title of your character's autobiography be?

8. What place (physical or mental) does your character go to in order to find solace?

9. If your character owned a store, what kind of things would be sold there?

10. Quick character playlist. Choose three songs that apply to your character at this very moment in the RP.
(Freaking do this one this time, Jacob)

11. How does your character react to the idea of failure?

12. Name one thing, physical, mental, relationship related, or an idea that your character could not live without.

13. Which of these does your character value most? Power, wisdom, creativity, love.

14. When is your character's birthday?

15. How did your character celebrate their last Christmas?

16. Describe your character's speech patterns. Formal, raunchy, etc.

17. Name one person, living or dead, your character would choose to meet if he/she could.

18. What languages can your character speak?

19. What quirky characteristics did your character have as a child? (Imaginary friends, playing pretend a lot, biting things, etc)

20. Describe a situation that would cause your character to break down and cry.

21. Describe a situation that would cause your character to be incredibly happy.

22. What is the stupidest thing your character has ever bought?

23. Describe a typical outfit for your character.

24. Your character is currently being chased by someone trying to cause them some serious harm. Where does your character choose to hide?

25. What is the closest your character has ever come to dying? (Vampire characters - don't count your turning)

26. Is your character allergic to anything?

27. What is one habit of your character's that they would NEVER want to be caught doing in public?

28. How does your character feel about guns?

29. What is one academic thing your character will never understand?

30. Your character now has a laptop. What password does he/she use?

31. How does your character channel any negative emotion?

32. If you were to sum up your character’s life philosophy with one famous quote, which quote would you choose?

33. Has your character ever broken any bones?

34. Does your character have any trinkets, jewelry, or good luck charms that is always kept on him/herself?

35. What is on your character's nightstand at this very moment?

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