An apology, with gratitude to Stefan.

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An apology, with gratitude to Stefan. Empty An apology, with gratitude to Stefan.

Post  Baron Rossington on Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:28 pm

Ok, I'm going to acknowledge that I was a dick up in here. I'm also going to apologise for the trouble I caused Jake and Jess out of this issue. I suspect that the full details of what I said, and what followed ought to remain private and for them to divulge. In essence I asked questions of Jake on how he viewed a number of things. Most notably was how he viewed me and my relationship with some other individuals. The questions I asked I probably had little/no right to ask whatso ever and it only caused issues by me saying what I said.

I'm standing up and, probably for the first time, apologising for what I said. I would like to take this time to thank Stefan, because he was the one who showed me I was being abit of an idiot. Sorry for the trouble I caused, I know I pryed into sensitive topics I shouldn't have and this didn't help anyone and just caused friction. Because of what Stefan said to me I'm going to try and keep my opinions to myself and mind my own business from this point onwards. That's it, I'm probably getting kicked out anyways.
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