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"A game of Tig" Empty "A game of Tig"

Post  Baron Rossington on Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:00 pm

After a very boisterous game of tig between Ibram Lhhune and an unnamed Incubus got out of hand, the compound is riddled with damage. The doctors office door has been blown apart after Bram took refuse behind it, and the surgery is somewhat strewen with mess.

Glasses, vases and other fragile items across the compound have been broken (apparently accidentally) and claw marks range along many of the trees in WellWood Forest.

The game of tig is believed to be ongoing, with the Incubus being known as "It" and Ibram running away yelling things like "FLEE ! SAVE YOURSELVES !" and "KEYSIES ! CAN'T TIG ME ! Oh wait.... RUN AWAY !".

The lycan Khan and chimera Andromeda are believed to have also been involved in starting the game.
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