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NOTICE: Doctor's Newsletter  Empty NOTICE: Doctor's Newsletter

Post  SuperStefan on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:26 am

1. To those who are in need of medication/treatments for simple ailments, including:
-Asprin, weak sleeping pills, eye-drops, bandages for small injuries, anti-bacterial ointment, and/or burn ointment --

No visit with the actual doctor is nessecary to obtain the previously stated remedies if you are over 18 years of age. Simply swipe your black card in the device outside the medicine cabinet in the office, and the cabinet will unlock and ask for which medication you are in need of. It will then open for you to take what it is you need.

NOTICE: The cabinet will NOT unlock without your black card. It will keep track of who takes what and when, so use this new system wisely.

2. Anyone in need of PRESCRIPTION medication or any higher dosage/form of medicine MUST make an appointment to speak with the doctor. All of those in need of prescription must under-go a physical examination and complete a form requesting the medication. This is to ensure not only your well-being but the well-being of those within the compound.


-Inquire within or see C. W. Howard for more details. No previous training required, as newcomers to the field of medicine will be taught on the job. Must have a high school diploma.


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NOTICE: Doctor's Newsletter  Empty Re: NOTICE: Doctor's Newsletter

Post  JannyisaBABE on Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:54 pm

My character (Magdelena) would like this job because:
She really loves helping people and has been doing it since she was about 15 (volunteering). At the compound she would like to know she's doing something she loves and helping people at the same time.
She has had past experience:
She went to a university (for nursing) for 4 years.
She worked at a mental hospital in Ireland for 3 years and volunteered as a nurse in Poland for 3 years.
She actually was a nurse for Miya (Dani's char) at the mental hospital in Ireland.
She has no problem with blood and is really good at stitching people up. She has had to treat a few severe wounds before and is really good at that too.
She also usually gives her patients a sense of security when she treats them so that is a good trait to have in the nursing field.


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