{Official Rules}

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{Official Rules}

Post  RiteOfSpring on Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:10 am

These rules are put in place so that the roleplay can function smoothly and so that those who participate in it are allowed the fairest and most fun experiance possible. With the exception of some of the bigger rules here (and depending on the severity of the offense made), most rule breaking is dealt with on a three strike basis.
1. First Offense - Warning from a Moderator or Owner and direction to rules on forum
2. Second Offense - Kick from the room back to the main for ten minutes.
3. Third Offense - Ban from the role-play. This can last either 24 hours, 2 days, or permenantly depending on the severity of the offense.

Should you break a rule, a moderator or an owner will be more than willing to talk the situation out with you before inflicting any punishment. HOWEVER, if we find that you are being respectful/arguing/being unreasonable when doing this, we will not bother to hear you out and continue administering the proper punishment.

-Moderators are here to HELP you. If you find someone breaking the rules or need any assistance at all, feel free to contact any of them or an owner and we will try to help you as much as we possibly can.
-Even the mods and the owners can make mistakes. If you can be patient with us, we will be patient with you.

Keep in mind that this roleplay is taken seriously. While it is something that is used for fun/a hobby, we will not let one person mess it up for anyone else. This is also a descriptive/emote mythical roleplay that is driven by CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND PLOT. If you are expecting anything other than this, we invite you to please role-play elsewhere.

-Twist-Of-Fake - Jake - CST Time-Zone - Room Owner/Building God
-RiteOfSpring - Jess - EST Time-Zone - Commander of Forums
-StefanWoo - Stefan - EST Time-Zone - Moderator Extrodinare
-ImmortalProwess - Ross - GMT Time-Zone - Moderator

The Rules Are As Follows:

1. 5+ words plus per-line without fillers.
-Fillers (As I, With Ease, Etc.) are allowed, but are typically frowned upon.
-The more descriptive your lines -- the better.
-Lines must also be READABLE. We understand that some of you like to type quickly, but if you have more than 4+ typos in a line, it will be considered void. Even in a fight.
-Speaking of fights, no sparring during combat.

2. Fighting/Combat is allowed in this roleplay, however it is not its soul purpose. In the case of a fight, the following apply:
-3 lines to injure
-5 lines to seriously injure/maim
-8 lines to KO
-12 lines to kill.
Death time is 30 minutes. Perm deaths must be reported to a mod.

-Randoming is the deliberate, unprovoked killing of another person's character. Basically, if you kill someone for no reason, you will be automatically banned from the roleplay for a whole day. Another offense results in a perm ban.

4. Keep OOC in IC rooms to a minimum.
-Absolutely no excessive OOC in an IC room. A couple of lines of it are okay, but more than that disrupts other member's scenes. If someone (any member at all) asks you to keep IC, please be respectful and go back to scene-ing.
-If a moderator is telling you to remain IC, you will receive three warnings from him/her before you are kicked from the room.
*Tip*: If you need to talk to someone, friend them and send them a private message. It's quicker and more efficient for both you and the other people in the room.

5. No text speech, and no emote-icons (Smiley faces, >.> faces, etc.) when IC

6. Motto: You cannot enter the RPG without a valid motto : i.e. - John, Human, 16, knife.
Name & Race MUST be in your motto. Age and Equipment is optional.
-Motto information is for OOC use only, no other characters knows any of the information displayed on your motto unless you tell them or reveal something Icly. This allows characters to be mysterious if they wish, as 'concealed' is not a valid tag in your motto.

7. Biographies are required once you have become a regular member of the roleplay. If you have been roleplaying here for more than week and do not have a biography for your character, you will be asked to make one. Nothing super detailed is required, but you must use the template provided and fill it out to the best of your ability.

Otherwise known as OP roleplaying, there is to be no character that is thought of as "invinsible" or "god-like". Every character is able to die in more than one way and every character is entitled to ONE ability depending on the species you have chosen to be.

We thank everyone who obeys the rules in advanced for making the mods and owners jobs fun and easy Smile


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