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OOC Notes:
If you're interested in joining, let me know Very Happy
Either post a reply to this thread stating your interest (preferred) or let me know on habbo.
You MUST have a biography in order to be part of this group. Any one is welcome to join, however, IC complications may arise depending on your character. Obviously, after you talk to me about joining OOCly, you'll have to follow the methods for joining listed below, which you can do as you see is best fit for your character


"A geometrically closed figure with no ending or beginning. A point can be made at any point along the figure, yet it will always be equidistant from the center."

In a dusty library in Jerusalem in the year 1002 BCE, seven legends sat around a table and created a myth within myth itself. Still largely prevalent today, it is a group that is whispered about by children, and thought very highly of by some, but as controversial by others...

Looking for order among developing new species at the time, The Circle was formed with the mindset that it would protect mythical life from the rising human civilizations. Having witnessed how unaccepting mortals could be to the many new varieties of mythological species, The Circle was born out of the ashes of the past, present, and future massacres/persecutions of mythicals.

This organization of mythicals is perhaps one of the oldest in existence, apart from the first angelic choirs and guilds of demons and nomadic tribes of vampirics. It has gone through many cycles of members over its many years of existence, yet it remains strong to this day.


Unlike many mythical organizations, The Circle has never worked towards one main purpose. While its members do underline the importance of the protection of mythical life from past, present, and future persecutions by mortals, they often work toward independent projects of their own (such as the prevention of inter-species war, the promotion of the economies in any of the 5 mythical cities, or even scientific research). It is not uncommon for members to lend their assistance to fellow members during times of need or during times or to other outside covens or clans. This never goes without any sort of reward, however.

The Circle is largely an advisory board for its own members, however, it also seeks to preserve the usually high esteemed families its members come from, though fortunate genetics and wealth are not all that allow a person access to this very renowned organization...


Requirements for Joining
An important thing to note is that The Circle has no specific leader, rather, it works as a democracy in which no member (supposedly) has more power than the other. The balance of favor does sometimes tip in the direction of a member or two within the group, however, it is almost always quickly put back into check.

Each member of The Circle is gifted in some way -- whether that be physically, intellectually, or materially. The group is very focused on improving these talents or gifts, so that not only will the group itself benefit from the "service" of this gift(s), but so that the individual him/herself may find a way to make improvement off it. It is rare that The Circle allows any more "average" mythical citizen in to its ranks, which has earned it a reputation of a more snobby group, however, it will occasionally make an exception if it feels this individual has the potential to develop into something greater.

Benefits of Membership
~Physical Development of Abilities
~Assistance In Personal Projects (Within Reason)
~Protection (Both obtaining and providing)
~Access to Historical Records, Achieves, and Artifacts Both Mythical & Mortal
~Free Transportation to Any Mythical City for those Members Lacking Wings
~Generous Financial & Material Rewards
~A Peek Into the Lives of Some of the Most Well Known Mythical Families
~Access To Meetings


All members seeking to join within the Compound are asked to speak to a current member. This potential member will then be sponsored by the person they ask, should this original member agree to do so. The potential member will be asked a series of questions based upon their background, present interests, and future goals. Failure to answer any question will result in immediate disqualification of this applicant. (They aren't too difficult -- if you have a biography, you're all set) While it is not essential, the potential member will then be asked to give a physical display of skills, which may or may not include any special "supernatural" ability or expertise with a specific weapon. If the potential member is deemed fit for the organization, they will be allowed a trial period in which they will be asked to familiarize themselves with the mythical world and gain education that might assist the group's many causes.

Potential members may also be reccomended from people within the group already.


{Within the Compound. NPC Members will be mentioned occasionally, however, I will not note them here}

The Architect; Cambria Morningstar
(One of the Original Founding Members)

Her Students, Pending Members
-The Scribe; Madrigal Morgan
-The Seer; Karou Morgan

The Twins/The Analysists; Atanas & Iliya Zvezdanov

The Hatchet; Eponine Asmosia

~Other NPC Members/Characters Played in Past RPs/Mythical Celebrity Members~

The Heartrender; Valentina Rossetta [Along with the other Rossetta Septum]

The Alabastrian; Ariane Rossetta-Black

The Star's Descent; Seraphina Morningstar

~Close Alliances/Relations With~

The Gray Prince; Ibram Lhhune


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