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What They Are:
A cross-between shifters and elementals, phoenixes are avian beings with pyrokenetic abilities.

Typical Appearance:
In their human forms, phoenixes have luminous yellow, orange, red, or hazel eyes. They are also smaller in height and lithe in build, as this makes their shifting easier.
In their avian forms, the phoenix is a medium-sized bird of yellow, orange, and red feathering with wing spans proportionate to the human-form height of the being. In females, the typical wingspan is four feet, while it is five in males.

Thought to be some angelic or demonic creation gone awry, nobody is entirely sure where the phoenix originates from. Though it is scientifically impossible, there is legend that they are born during violent volcanic eruptions.
Phoenix are only born from other members of the same species.

Powers & Abilities:
Shape-shifting ability into their avian form.
Unlike traditional legends, phoenix are unable to regenerate from their own ashes, however, their injuries do heal quicker than most people’s, especially if these wounds have been inflicted whilst in their avian forms.
Their tears are also said to have healing qualities, which also suggests they are angelic in their ancestry, due to the similarities in chemical components between phoenix tears and the defense matrix in angelic blood

Phoenix stop aging physically between 20-35 years of age. Their powers begin to lose strength around 200 years old, and the average lifespan of this species is 300.

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