:: A note left with someone working at the front desk ::

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:: A note left with someone working at the front desk ::

Post  Monstah on Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:08 am

A post-it-note has been left with whoever it is that was on duty at the front desk on the night of November 4, around 11 PM. It is written in neat handwriting, but looks like it was forced neatness. The person at the desk has been instructed to give it to whoever is mainly in charge of the compound.

To whoever runs this "fine" establishment:
I was wondering where exactly one is supposed to go if trying to find a job here? Who am I supposed to speak to? Not looking for anything specific, just something to take up time and pay a small amount of cash. Also wondering where it is I'm supposed to be staying. The security here isn't too helpful.

(A cellphone number is left at the bottom of the note)


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