Chimeric Demons/Chimera

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Chimeric Demons/Chimera

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Chimeric Demons/Chimera
Pronounced: Ky-Mer-Ah

The "slip ups" of demon creations, chimera are the outcome of many of the demonic race's attempts to create a race to overcome humanity. They were first put into existence after the creation of Hell, and were hoped to be stronger than humans so that the Celestial war could be continued. Some three thousand chimera -- no two identical -- were put into existence before the art of human possession by demonic spirits was perfected. While they were supposed to have been killed off, many chimera were kept for their unique strengths and abilities.

New chimera are in the works due to the sudden revelation of mythical beings to humans. It is rumored that there are black markets in which radical mythical groups are able to "rent out" chimeric demons to attack mortals. There are others who say that these new beings are simply another attempt on Lucifer's part to upstage the Angelic beings and mock them in how their supposed "perfect" creations have now turned against their own descents.

Quite often monstrous, chimera are a combination of human and animal appearances that exist in two types:
~High Human: Mostly human appearance. The face is always mortal, though the chimera may posses the following animalistic physical traits:
** Non-mortal skin coloring, fur or scales on certain parts of the body, horns, hooves or paws, bird-like (not angelic or demonic) wings, fangs, talons, or unusual patterns on the skin**
~High Animal: Very animalistic, to the point where the entire head may look like an animal's. They may also have an animal's arms or legs, however, the hands are always mortal.

Many chimera are strictly carnivorous or strictly vegetarian, depending on the animal(s) he/she have taken after.

Typical Personality Traits:
Always aggressive towards mortals -- they have an innate hatred against them due to the nature of how they were created. They don't always get along well with Angelics, either, however, they tend to bond closely with other mythicals.

Special Skills and Abilities
Depends on which animal(s) the chimera takes after. May include; extreme strength/speed, enhanced senses, and sometimes telepathy. Chimera are NEVER elementals.

Chimera, though both male and females exist, are unable to reproduce. Because they were created for military and indimidation uses, it was decided that the need for reproductive organs within chimera are unessecary. While atomically, both genders have all the "parts" needed, they don't actually function and are more there for show and an attempt to appear more human. The reproduction of demonics was left to the succubi and the incubi.

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