Woólgar Clan.`

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Woólgar Clan.`

Post  Scaeptrum on Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:20 pm

Woólgar Clan.
Lycan clan.

Led by |
Elizábeth Woólgar.

To Join |
Speak to Elizábeth or Caleb.

For available roles, see below.

Epsilon| Temujín Khanate.
Alpha Queen| Elizábeth Woólgar.
Beta Duke| Caleb Woólgar.

Hunter| William David.
Provider| Cody Daniels.

Zelta| Elle Woólgar.
Kappa| Evie Rose.

General| The character of this position takes care of matters of war.
Captain| Providing more input on the subject of war,
Spy| A dangerous position, but important role in the pack.
The Hunters| Given permission by the Alphas and Betas, these characters do the actual ‘dirty work’ of the clan. They will hunt down and kill slayers, vampires, and others to solve problems and gain new territory.
The Providers| These characters are the ones that go out and catch food for the rest of the pack that needs human flesh.
The Preparers| These characters divide up the food into shares for each member by rank.
Cleaners| Members under this title clean the dens and make sure that everything is manageable.
Zeltas| These characters have slighter lower rank than those of job holding positions, but could still be considered the middle class in the pack.
Kappas| ‘Young’ Lycans that have little experience are placed here.
Sigmas| Fresh members to the pack are placed into this group.
Omegas| Few in number, these pack members are at the bottom of the barrel by either punishment or lack of experience.


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