[[ Brimstone Keep - Clan ]]

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[[ Brimstone Keep - Clan ]]

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A powerful group of Celestial forces that have been working undercover since the Great War, Brimstone Keep is seldom known to most. Its name is only whispered by those who have encountered one of its members before, and those members are the powerful, the intelligent, and the ruthless. Those who have had a chance to see the clan in action are usually those whose final moments are spent witnessing what they are capable of... And then, there are those they let survive. And those are the people they pull into their ranks and condition to be everything that they once feared.

Their history is extensive and considered to be myth among myth.


Though they are an aggresive group of radicals, The Keep is first and foremost a group meant to protect the mythical race itself. This has always been their goal and they are nutorious for being the group that ended the mass slaughterings of hybrid Celestials, such as nephilim, orinias, and kin,

-To protect the rights of mythicals

-To end the conflict between humans and mythicals -- even if it means ending humanity.

-To keep peace between the other species. They are especially invested in ending the feud between lycanthropes and vampirics, as they feel that this is a threat to the mythical species as a whole. The Keep strongly believes that a group of mythicals united is better than a bunch of smaller, broken up groups.

-To protect other mythical beings of all kinds.

-Not exclusive to species -- anyone can join, though the clan was once made of only fallen angels and demonics.
-Speak to a representative if interested in joining.


The clan has 200 members total, around the world, and each member belongs to a specific district depending on geographical location annd/or skill level. The Keep is not lead by a traditional leader, rather, each district has a leader which will represent the whole group when the leaders come together to meet once a year.


General Tirzarah Harmin - Chimeric Demon
To join, please speak with Tirzarah ICly or leave a reply to this thread requesting a meeting.


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