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Suggest A Species Empty Suggest A Species

Post  RiteOfSpring on Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:59 pm

Want to be something that's not listed here? Feel free to suggest it! We're always open to adding more species to our list of what's valid. If you'd like to suggest a species, please keep the following in mind before filling out the required information at the end:

-Your species must abide by the rules of the roleplay.

-You must be willing to make this species open to EVERYONE in the role-play -- This is out of fairness. We are, however, willing to make some species exclusive. This means that Jake and myself will approve each person who wishes to be the species and will not allow more than a certain number to be in the role-play at one time.


-This roleplay is based off of more Neo-Christian mythology (With some Celtic and Japanese mixed in). This means we are not accepting any suggestions that are stemmed off from other religions -- such as Greek mythologies (Demi-Gods, etc).

-Please do NOT suggest a species that is very similar to one that is already valid. If you suspect your suggestion may be similar to one that is already currently approved in the roleplay, go read the post that contains the more detailed information about it.

If you would still like to suggest a species, please copy and paste this into a REPLY to this thread, and fill it out as is appropriate:

Name of Species:

What They Are:

Angelic or Demonic Descent?:

Origin: (How did it come into being?)

Typical Appearance:

Special Abilities: (Powers, skills, etc.)

Any Special Weaknesses:

How Aging Works:

Typical Personality Traits:

Anything Else?:

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Suggest A Species Empty The Dread Reapers

Post  VerifyOnTheLine on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:27 pm

Name of Species: Dread Reapers

What They Are: A Lich with deep-set celestial energies. Though they are considered extremely powerful, they have nothing to do whatsoever with the strings of life and death as their name may imply.

Angelic or Demonic Descent?: Mostly undead with angelic energies infused into the very marrow of their bones.

Origin: There are seven Dread Reapers. It is said during a time of ancient magick, a group of seven necromancers wiser than their age noticed signs of battle where there were no scraps. The necromancers are named Urthemiel, Arazel, Kalizel, Beruthiel, Galantriel, Vurithiel and Lorithel. They found crops burned, the land scorched. Eventually they become so wise, the angels could not spare their lives. They sent a squadron of angels to obliterate the necromancers. The death dealing warlocks, however, clung on to their lives. They had placed their very souls into multiple crystals, which were hidden away from the angels. The crystals formed their "in case of emergency bodies", bringing their bones together from where they lay, bits of charred skin still stuck to their rib cages and femurs. The attack the angels made, however, came with an unexpected side effect. They underestimated these necromancers, and did not realize they absorbed some of the leftover energy from the angelic attack to help keep them alive. Because of this, they gained abilities in place of having lost their necromancy. Each of the skeletal mages gained an element. They were fire, earth, air, ice, lightning, air, and light, with the element of light being attributed to the leftover angelic energies. Though they moved far into isolation after they gained their souls back, they were very angry with the incident. They became hateful creatures, filled with pride and wrath, two of the most powerful sins. Their legend spread and they became known as the Dread Reapers, due to each of the skeletal mages carrying a differently formed scythe. Each scythe is made out of the element the Reaper controls, and therefore is indestructible, but manipuative if their adversary is powerful enough.

Typical Appearance: They float around, regardless of the element they control due to the abundance of celestial energy in their bodies. However they wear black steel gauntlets and boots. They hide their skeletal bodies in black hooded robes, so hardly anyone has seen what they look like since their "deaths". They are very tall, each about 6'3 in height.

Special Abilities: Each Dread Reaper may carry a scythe, but they use it like a staff. They use the scythe to augment their element and to use it twice as effectively.

Any Special Weaknesses: The Dread Reapers are pretty much like a from of lich. They are not skilled in close quarters combat, only in their magical talents. They do not wear armor except on their hands and feet, so the majority of their body, already skeletal, is very vulnerable.

How Aging Works: They have already died, but due to the angelic energy in their bones, the bones do not age any further and are thus preserved for eternity. Therefore, they are immortal.

Typical Personality Traits: They look down upon every being beside angels, whom they not only fear, but hate. They are extremely reclusive and keep their secrets inside of their hidden chambers. Extremely prideful, each Dread Reaper never backs down from a challenge, because they usually win.

Anything Else?: Nope.

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Suggest A Species Empty Shinigami

Post  MintCheese on Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:46 pm

Name of Species: Shinigami / Death God

What They Are: Warriors that use a sword called a "Zanpakuto"

Angelic or Demonic Descent?: Angelic ancestory

Origin: Souls who got stuck upon the earth would be stuck until they turned away from the light. A Shinigami would use there Zanpakuto (Soul Slayer) to cleanse the soul and allow it access to the afterlife. The Shinigami enforcers of Limbo are stuck to wander earth until they have cleansed enough souls to be deemed worthy by an angel.

Typical Appearance: A black kimono over a white kimono , held together at the waist by a black sash.

Special Abilities: The ability to manifest there soul into a blade.The blade then has something called a release. Each blade has its special power such as. The blade scatters into rose petal shaped blades which can be controlled by the wielder. The Blades also have a name such as Senbonzakura or Tensa Zangestu.

Any Special Weaknesses:Do to their only weapon being a manifestation of their soul they are susceptible to soul related damage and related abilities.

How Aging Works: Shinigami have a prolonged life span of thousands of years. Stopping aging at what ever age they achieved to manifest their soul into a Zanpakuto.

Typical Personality Traits: Shinigami are generally proud and loyal. Yet they live only to cleanse souls and will stop at nothing to fulfill their duty.

Anything Else?:Nope.


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Suggest A Species Empty Re: Suggest A Species

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