Psionic Vampires [Special Req. Species // Capped]

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Psionic Vampires  [Special Req. Species // Capped] Empty Psionic Vampires [Special Req. Species // Capped]

Post  RiteOfSpring on Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:50 pm

(Soul Consuming)Vampires; Commonly known as Psionic Vampires

Due to the nature of how this species feeds and to ensure no OP characters are created as psionics, this species is special request ONLY. If you wish to roleplay as a psionic you must first obtain permission from Twist-Of-Fate or RiteOfSpring and present a detailed biography for the character before the character will be considered valid.

Nicknamed: Soul reavers

What They are:
A rare breed of vampire that feed from souls and energy rather than bodily fluid (Blood).
The reason for their alternate way of feeding is very much a mystery as it does not relate to their physical self.

Typical Appearances:
All Vampire tend to look like any ordinary human so as they can integrate in human society undetected.
Contrary to popular belief, vampires do not always have pale skin. Because the colour of skin is determined by pigmentation (which is effected by geography and genetics) their species has no effect on what their pallor; though having said this they do appear to be sickly and pale/malnourished if they have not fed for a while – this is probably where the belief sprung from.
Psionic Vampire do not have fangs like Sanguine as they do not feed in the same fashion though like them they do have a coloured tint to their eyes: either Blue, or Indigo and in some cases Violet - you might expect that people with naturally blue eyes would remain so, this is not the case their eyes may become brighter and more noticeable than they might have been as a human. Those with Green or Brown eyes may change colour completely or merely have specks of colour.

It is believed that all vampires are closely related to a celestial descendant though it isn’t concrete. However much like Succubae and Incubi they feed from energy, by means of consuming a soul/energy or physical contact; meaning they are probably related somewhere, genetically.
Psionic Vampires are so rare because they cannot spread their strain of the vampirism like their cousins: the sanguine. One must be born from a house of Anima/Psionic vampires to be one.

Like their cousins their powers are very limited though gain they can be developed.
Their name: Psionic may come from the fact that they are the only type of vampire that is telepathic – though only amongst themselves.

Psionic Vampire are not sensitive to salt as they cannot consume food at all. Any such consumption would severely risk their health and in some cases their life.

As all are of a household; meaning that they are born vamperic, they age until they are fully matured at 18-21, but then the virus halts their aging.

The same as Sanguine Vampires, Psionic stay within their Covens, and usually segregate themselves from their cousins.

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